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Only Way To Grow Your Wisdom. Compassion & Empathy

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Why your goodwill for others is “highest good” for you, finally explained.

As years pass by our bodies progress but growth of mind often lags the years… causing feeling of stagnation. We usually blame this to our inability to travel or lack of exposure or lack of outwardly growth in our careers. This is wrong.

The stagnation and consequent feeling of lack of mental growth are often from internal causes and can be remedied rapidly without incurring time and expense of Ivy league schools or burning ourselves to the top echelons of our profession/organization or attending motivational seminars or following management gurus.

Additionally, regardless of our background, wealth or culture, we all see at best only one side of any situation and thus can gauge/measure only a tiny fraction of the totality in front of us. The more we believe we know, less is the totality we actually see. This interferes with our ability to learn or keep mentally growing as time progresses. What are the biggest challenges in overcoming this stagnation and our limited ability to see? Is it skills in finance, banking, accounting, business, age, experience… or is it our sight… Possibly none of the above. It is our vision.

What we can not truly see i.e “envision or perceive” we can not learn or measure… and our apparent sight only distracts us from the actual truth that lies behind multiple if not infinite layers of nominal or apparent truth.

How can one jumpstart vision and constantly hone it with time… rather than face unfortunate & rigid un-imagination that expresses as stagnation or reduced wisdom.

The vision being a lasting impression made on our deep-wisdom-mind of what we might be truly looking at. Sight being a simple but transient obvious response of our quick-mind (i.e. judgemental) to an optical reflection of the light on our retina.

What truly causes deficiencies or impairments in human vision? It is our fears, hunger/desire, ego, excessive self-worth, or most critically, endless addiction to pleasures. All five amplified by the neglect of nature given gift of supple-vision, that is not nurtured by schools & parents, post our birth. A child with an innocent vision can often see more than technocratic adults… why?

Deficiency in our vision feeds or exaggerates our judgemental quick-mind. Behind our judgement-mind sits our temperamental emotive core. However, our wisdom mind, which sits behind our emotive core… does not get nourished due to fear, hunger, ego, pleasure that cause endless exchange between the judgmental-mind and the emotive core.

What is the way to protect our wisdom-mind from the judgemental-mind… ? Compassion & empathy for all counterparts & stakeholders. Wait a second, isn’t compassion for all, especially those who may be in trouble or looking to hurt us & putting others ahead of ourselves… counter-intuitive…? No, as being compassionate is in ones’ own self-interest…?

Even if someone is an adversary… one would see less about them if one has an adverse attitude towards them… reducing our choices against them. Thus, compassion towards others may be the best self-preservation tool on one side… on another side, it may be the only tool to overcome, this vicious cycle of endless fear, desire, pleasure, and ego that diminishes our wisdom-mind.

This will critically stop impairment of the nature given supple & wider-vision, which is superior to anything we acquire through formal education.

Easier said than done, where does one start… ? Relentlessly viewing any situation with unprejudiced, non-judgemental & compassionate mind without being either impartial (detached) or self-centred…regardless of the who is at fault… is a good place to start.

Having started the key challenge is to keep at it by constantly maintaining a compassionate mind. How? The best way to achieve a constantly compassionate mind is to practice & cultivate a compassionate mind… deliberately… every single day… such as a vision of an artist that needs careful cultivation, every single day, over periods of a long time, if not a lifetime. So that one can truly deepen their measurement and understanding of quantitative & qualitative aspects… and not unknowingly impose a view on something which one can hardly see in its minimum detail to start with.

What might be specific psychoanalytical techniques and ways to practice the compassionate/empathetic mind… ? How does one overcome the damage of decades of limited thinking tools compounded by possible oversight of deeper aspects that make our counterparts & their circumstance such as parental care/neglect, theological beliefs & geopolitics, that lead to social, technological & financial choices that counterparts make that eventually but unknowingly reflect in their view? Lastly, not to forget all information… no matter how detailed or how well-captured with high-end technology… is just a limited perceptual sub-set of something which is eventually imperceptible and unlimited. The key is to use compassion & empathy…to keep reducing the size of what we can not perceive or see…by peeling the layers of what we are looking at…until we reach deep fundamental parts of the ultimate totality…as opposed to taking false comfort in easy but shallow apparent truth.

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