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High sales growth numbers do not last forever. What might be missing pre-requisites for success?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

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Deep competitive advantage development and fresh capital Sources for your company.

Initially successful operators in most growth sectors aim to retain their business advantage through… brand development, supply chain integration, cost

advantage, modest leverage/no borrowings, product diversification, product development, and discreet geo-political support, but this is what everyone in respective sectors does including the competitors… but not many succeed.

Those who do succeed take a limited immediate or at best a multi-decade lead…Initial success thus often proves to be illusive over next decade or across second generation, leave alone third. That said… all businesses do retain some competitive barriers over time…so what are we taking about?

Over period of time competitors copy everything… often at a lower cost. So what are the aspects that competitors truly find the hardest to copy?

And thus can help build a multi-generation competitive barrier?

True strengths that competitors find hard to replicate… and that matter eventually are…

  1. Deep & consistent risk management as opposed to conservatism.

  2. Liquidity management as opposed to excessive equity or debt.

  3. Owners family harmony & social culture of the firm.

However, the devil is in detail, what does all of this exactly mean?

Deep & consistent risk management as opposed to conservatism: Risk in broader sense including quality of growth but built on institutional grade global benchmarks… with simplified and locally sensitive execution framework that brings algorithmic market risk together with street-view and socio-cultural risks

Liquidity management as opposed to excessive equity or debt: Strategies to develop low cost reliable liquidity availability… especially during adverse situations to protect the firm but also to take advantage of market movements.

Owners family harmony & social culture of the firm: Family and corporate culture built on altruism, minimalism & sustainability as opposed… to unending materialism, unrelenting growth & wasteful consumption.

How can we support you… to be the unmatched leader in your sector?
  1. Global growth options: Market discovery, assessment & execution in the world’s top markets - the US, EU, Brazil, Africa, and the Middle East.

  2. Global low priced credit & liquidity options: Unmatched access to DFIs and multi-laterals

  3. Benchmarking and execution of risk management: Learning from global flagships blended with bank-grade risk management.

What does this mean in execution terms?

Where does one start? What are the missing competencies?

What are the new capital options?

Contact us now to discuss. Say hello on linked-in.


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