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Two Way Parenting: Rejuvenate yourself. Redeem your child.

A never before spoken approach to parenting that will help you rejuvenate as a parent as opposed to get hammered and also redeem your child. Build a low-cost home curriculum that beats expensive schools anywhere globally.

What is the most precious resource on the planet that we all are wasting?

What is it that effortlessly makes us happy & fearless? That helps us see the humanity in not just humans but also animals or non-living. That helps us easily invoke a smile from strangers & mingle with everyone.That enables curiosity & questioning ability without education.Has supple & innocent vision that sees more & enjoys simple things.

Its child’s natural intelligence.

Given freely by nature to all… but ruined by mankind with parental neglect, modern education & technology.

Why this intelligence is ruined? What can parents do about it?

However parents themselves get neglected in the process. They suffer, incur costs & are oblivious to the fact that parenting is the best way to elevate themselves from midlife turmoils.

Three core pillars of 2-way parenting.

Five Root deficiencies of modern education.

Three root level solutions.

Three core pillars of the 2-way parenting approach.

1. Respect is never one way & is more useful than love. Children will not be respectful to parents until parents respect them.

2. Preparing yourself as parent to receive the beneficial impact from your child in terms of your own wisdom & intelligence enhancement.

3. Stop confusing supervision & monetary support with parenting. The roles will reverse as you age anyway!

Five Root deficiencies of modern education.

1. Modern education takes 40-50% of the active life of person to impart education & still robs the person of his/her natural wisdom!

2. Lack of deeper & structured parental involvement with an aim to constructively train the parent to help the child.

3. No emphasis on acquiring equanimity that is more useful than happiness & no assistance or focus on acquiring sensual-literacy to over come greed, fear and excessive consumption.

4. Excessive focus on narrow cognitive skills (math, sciences etc) creates a false sense of security in few & undue inferiority in many.

5. Neglect of child when child is best geared to develop - before 7 yrs.

What causes these 5 root level deficiencies in modern education?

1. Excessive business interest encouraged by the governments in business.

2. Lack of parental empathy & sloth.

3. Confusing philosophy with religion. Essence of logical good conduct established over thousands of years is often lost in rituals & shallow morals that are rejected by the kids.

4. Reliance on outdated education ways that were targeted for producing clerks, soldiers & subdued populations. Lack of social & governmental support for quality teachers.

5. Shallow parental affection that substitutes objects with true respect & time for children.

Three root level solutions.

1. Both parents, particularly the fathers, to be the centre lead. Stop milking the mom!

2. Self-realisation of learnings based on contemplation.

3. Early stage (6 months +) intervention to develop a learning foundation based on…

  1. Superior sensual-control.

  2. Well grounded cross-disciplinary world-view.

  3. Deep-reasoning, logic skills based on multiple philosophy orientation.

Leverage the foundation of 3 factors with…hard, cutting edge thematic cross-disciplinary activities & studies but with rigorous home testing. Target deep assimilation NOT just learning with the following 14-part curriculum:

  1. Logic: Study and appreciation of foundations of logic.

  2. Multi-religious/theology training including Judaism, Islam and Taoism & Shintoism to build appreciation of developments of societies and develop mutual respect.

  3. Philosophy: Classical and Buddhist philosophy orientation to develop sound foundations of reasoning and world view.

  4. Structured travel focuses on gaining a deeper appreciation of history, politics and economics as opposed to frivolous travel. How to hire right guides for kids and document the trips.

  5. Cultivation of empathy to strength the heart and grow the perspective.

  6. Inoculation with fear and suffering as opposed to avoiding suffering.

  7. Geo-politics and economics based storytelling as opposed to talking about castles.

  8. Discuss boundaries and problems of todays sciences as opposed to teaching sciences in a traditional way.

  9. Physics and hardware coding: Teach hardware build principals as opposed to starting with software.

  10. Software coding with emphasis on interaction with hardware.

  11. Vedic math: Learn 25 to 30 algorithms to achieve grade 6 math sufficiency in 3 months.

  12. Astronomy: The only and the best way to develop sense of art, philosophy, sciences and math and wonder all together.

  13. Cell biology: Teach cell biology along with physics to illustrate the unity of the material world as opposed to starting with animals and plants.

  14. Aesthetics and art: This the core foundation that warps up all of above as to be outwardly beautiful one needs to build the inner beauty.

Further details of the books and tools for building the curriculum are available separately.

Author: Mohit Arora | CEO Capital Pros and co-foundner Credit Cue

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