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Investor decks and pitch books

We have created a new genre of business presentations that, for the first time, brings together fine-art and storytelling with underwriting/investor considerations. Our pitch books and presentations are unparalleled globally in terms of aesthetics, positioning, and analytical rigor that is underpinned by a direct and pro-active narrative.    


Corporate profiles 

We will delve deep into your business and team to help you discover unrealized sources of strategic positioning, which are then articulated with cutting edge, never before seen graphics to create a striking impact.


Corporate strategy presentations 

We can help you polish up the language and graphics or create a fresh presentation based on a comprehensive review and peer-group benchmarking of your business. 


Data visualization  

We enable fast, high appeal, and penetrative data visualization that strips through complexity to communicate with simplicity. 


Strategic team profile rewrites 

We help you discover and communicate the combined skills of your team as required to beneficiate the organization. Additionally, we assist you with deep analyses based re-articulation of the team members' background to position them strongly with the target audience.   


Individual CV's 

We will help you create a crisp, hard-hitting, and stunning looking CV based on rigorous and in-depth analyses of your career path and unrealized strengths. We specialize in senior execute/board level as well as middle or beginner level CV's.    


Business plans 

Our industry-leading business plan brings together an unmatched combination of underwriting skills, media, art, investment psychology, storytelling, and risk management to create business plans that strikingly stand out in the world of dull and unappetizing documents.  


Investor reporting & quarterly financial reporting  

We help you create fresh and attractive investor reports/financials that speak straight to the point. The documents will draw the audience with functional and symbolic beauty.  


Conference presentations and speech writing  

We excel in helping you stand out and strike an immediate connection with your audience with our deep research-based conference presentations/speech writes that are ooze simplicity and beauty to create a lasting impact.    


Economic and social research 

We specialize in deep thought and simply articulate art-grade presentations across a cross-section of business segments such as macro-economics, finance, sciences, business, psychology, parenting & other societal themes. Our presentations and storytelling skills will help you leverage your research in a refreshing manner never before possible. 


Social media strategy and posts 

We enable you to communicate with the edge globally across segments of society. Our global presence and involvement in financial flows allow us a unique perspective of information flows of social media trends that we will leverage for you with fine art-grade business posts.

Content development and copywriting  

Content development and copywriting are are foundational skills. We are a team with rare skills that can help you communicate with a smooth global perspective that speaks clearly to local situations.  

Creative digital-art advertisements  

We specialize in simplifying complex business, science, and technology ideas to help you engage with your audience with a simplicity that speaks through depth.

World bank grade financial modeling  

Financial modeling is our foundational skill that is leveraged to analyze your business with rigor and depth not often found in the financial industry. We follow World bank standards as a minimum. Our financial models that include valuations and multi-factor sensitivity analyses proactively address the needs underwriters of commercial banking and fund industry, helping you get across the finish line fast.  

Pitch books
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