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Missing Indian gems that are illuminating new economic cosmos in the west & east. India oblivious.

How the answer to India’s immediate prosperity still lies within itself & not in the west or east.

India essentially has two gems… the first one is its people & the second one is its deep knowledge documented in its ancient texts.

While the first one is well recognized, India often believes that its knowledge is fully reflected in its classics such as Vedas, Gita, Ramayana & Mahabharata, Puranas…

and most other ancient texts are lost.

Is that true?

The Vedas, Gita, Ramayana & Mahabharata were all written before Christ… while India's golden age was between 500 to 1200 years after Christ…?Most path-breaking advances in ancient Indian logic & sciences were made during the golden period after Christ.

So what are the Indian texts that reflect the knowledge built around India’s golden period? Were these texts really lost?

As an illustration, let us delve into the concept of zero and place value system in numbers which is the most cosmically transformative invention from India. The Roman alternatives, forget the Greeks or Chinese before that… had no direct way to even do elementary division or multiplication, leave alone advanced measurement tools such as trigonometry.

The philosophical background to zero in India came from an understanding of what is true “nothing”. Intrinsically “nothing” exits per se… its only relationships.

Aristotle to Einstein just dismissed the concept of “nothing”. Best existing western minds simply struggle with what is “nothing” even today.

This grasp on nothingness in 200 AD was the precursor to the inclusion of zero in the Hindu numerical system, creating the positional & decimal system which the world uses today.

So what ancient text established the concept of nothingness in conclusion? “The Root Stanzas of the Middle Way” Nagarjuna's Mulamadhymaka karika.

So, what is the relevance of this today…?

This book is now the foundation text of logic supporting quantum computers that will change the world we know… with the US and China leading the economic cosmos transformation, not India! How?

Unknown to most Indians, this text has recently forced the western mathematicians to recognize the fallacy of the western logic system… which is limited to just two states of true or false. The Indian system provides the basis for multiple states of reality emerging from a combination of true, false & nothing. So the computing power goes from true/false binary to exponential or quantum.

Quantum computing is not only creating a new market that will surpass $64 billion by 2023.

It is transforming our world in fundamental ways from medical research to weapons development to financial trading. The existing computing will be obsolete. India may be on the other side of the digital divide or worse may regress to writing outsourced quantum code for East in addition to West.

Further to Nagarjuna's text, unknown to India & most parts of the world…Nagarjuna's text is part of 13 root texts from India's golden period that delve into deep logic, philosophy, and practical sciences that is still way beyond West’s grasp.

Even simple inventions such as Hindu numerical math are only partially understood after 500 years of its’ adoption by the world.

Surprisingly these root texts while originally created in Sanskrit, now exist only in Chinese or Tibetan. The texts have not been lost… they are actually being taught & followed in many monasteries, some universities & research organization outside India.

Further to these 13 Great Root Texts, before the advent of the printing press, India had over a few million core books while west had only 20,000. Coming back to immediate industrial opportunities is quantum computing an isolated case…?

Another brand new industry, with corporate valuations higher than social media & artificial intelligence, has been created on not just Indian knowledge but also Indian plant genetics is Phytomedicine.

Phytomedicine is based on Indian traditional medicine Ayurveda. Contrary to what many believe, the Indian medical system was perfected around the golden period of India i.e 500AD and not in antiquity. While the west has disparaged Ayurveda as pseudo-science and India has struggled to develop it… West & East have already used it to launch an industry that may be worth >$350 billion by 2027 with firms fully listed & operational in the US, Canada & Israel.

Still not convinced…?

Let us shift to fundamental sciences which truly are the foundation of a country.

While flagship western universities offer India’s ancient Vedic mathematics, Indians continue to deride it. Unknown to many Indian parents, who steal the childhood of their own kids berating them with math… the Vedic system offers just 30 simple formulae that can help a 7-year-old do 9 digit divisions…while the child relishes the big number magic as opposed to mindlessly cramming the west created tables that limit to 20!

Further, as opposed to the western subject-based approach that artificially fragments the real world…the integrated philosophical, logic & thematic Indian teaching system…which created the treasure trove of Indian knowledge for the world… is now available only at high-end schools in the West. Access to Indians is limited to shallow & expensive replica of IB curriculum, which is still weak in math!

Thus as demonstrated, India is not only missing taking the lead in planet transforming industries, that are being created directly on the Indian knowledge, it is also wrongly following a stale western education system, ruining the capacity on fundamental sciences and logic development, that will harm the Indian future, while schools and colleges replicate mindless graduates domestically, some Indian parents don’t see alternatives to paying $500,000 fees to western universities!

Thus the question to ask is… what will it take India to be the lamp that can truly create the light for itself, or, or will it unknowingly burn out its precious fuel of people & knowledge, and entrap itself into a new form of economic colonization…?

Mohit Arora

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