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Our approach & why us

  • We are fast... very fast. What our competitors take a month to do, we do in a week.


  • We are responsiverespectful of your time. Once you engage us we strive to remain few steps ahead of you & exceed the timelines as opposed to overcommitting & causing delays


  • We just don't focus on graphics... we conduct a deep  & comprehensive strategic review of your business considering multiple factors such as spiritual bearing of management & staff, geo-politics, socio-cultural aspects, macro-economics, technology shifts, debt & equity credit underwriting considerations that impact your business.


  • We are the only company offering true art-grade presentations. Unappetising documents are our anathema. We do not use templates in any way & always create one slide at a time using an artisanal process.

  • Once we understand your business, our global team, that brings an unmatched combination of media, art, investment psychology, international banking, corporate/forensic audits & risk management, starts sculpting your documents. 


  • We lead with both symbolic & functional beauty in documents that represent you...​ and that reflect your unique market position with your customers, investors, banks & other business audience.


  • We are not an IT company dabbling in graphics & business... or advisors with no exposure to real business... we are seasoned business, finance/banking & media team with artists embedded in our process from start. We have individually advised over 2000 clients and $ 9 billion in transactions globally.

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